Games By Dee1

Drone Car : Attack on Giants

This project is a hybrid-casual game in which the user, by buying upgrades and merging/assembling them onto their car, can upgrade their vehicle and use it to attack monsters in various stages.

  • Various maps, giants and cars.
  • Players can shoot the monsters or attack them by hiting them with the car.

2248 Defense

It's a hybrid-casual game that was made as a prototype to get tested by publishers. Player merges soldiers like 2248 game.

  • Player merges the soldiers by their numbers and makes a powerfull defense against attackers.
  • The game combines 2248 merge mechanic with tower defense.
  • More than 60 challenging levels and 4 maps.

Pick Em Up

In this hyper-casual game, the user needs to draw a path for the bus in various stages so that each bus carries all characters of a specific color and exits the map.

  • Smooth and enjoyable gameplay.
  • More than 30 challenging levels.
  • This game was made as a prototype to get tested by publishers.


Jedal is a casual mobile game developed for Android and IOS platforms. This project is yet under development.

  • In Jedal players and engage in PVP competitions and grow their teretory to win their opponents.
  • Players will compete to be on top of the leaderboard in each league. Also each player can add anyone in the game as their friend and they can compete with each other in a friendly match.
  • This game is yet under development but a demo apk is available to be downloaded.
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Riders of Senrise: New Journey — A 2D Platformer Arcade Game

This game is inspired by a level of the original Sunset Riders game. A Demo video of this project is available at here to view.

  • We want the players to step into the world of arcade games once more and experience the joy of old classic childhood games.
  • The "Riders of Senrise" game will to be avaialble soon on Steam and itch.io to play once the development process is finished.
  • This is going to be a F2P (Ftee to Play) game for everyone to enjoy.
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Offroad Simulator

Offroad Simulator is an off-road driving simulator game for mobile platforms. This prooject has been canceled but an APK file containing level one of the game is availabe to download.

  • In this game, the player should drive an off-road car to the destination by passing through obsicles and completing chalanges along the way.
  • The development of this project has been canceled but a new version of this game might be released at any time in the feature.
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Thieves is a PC game made by developers of Dee1 in 3 days at a game development competition event. This game is now published publicly and is available at this link to play.

  • Thieves is a short story of two bank rubbers trying to escape from the police while carring the rubbed cash with their car.
  • As the player you have to manage their money in a way that they can successfiully escape. You can not save their money!
  • The "Thieves" game is available at itch.io to download.

Our Team

Meet Our Team Members


Alireza Majari

Game Developer


Mehrad Noorani

Game Developer


Pouyan Mardshiri

Game Developer


Yousef Sabzevari

Game Designer

Here is a time lapsw of character design and level design of "Riders of Sunrise" project. The game was made in a game development competition by our team.

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Feel free to contact us anytime via our social media or drop us an email at [email protected]. We would love to hear from our costumers and hear their feedbacks to improve our games and projects.

  • We understand our customers and constantly try to meet their requirements. Your feedback matters the most.
  • Also contact us about any business cooperation